Current Initiatives Include:

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Nurse 2 Nurse is a toll-free hotline for nurses providing support including emotional support to address stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

  • A place where a nurse can talk candidly about her/his day—losses; sadness; “what if’s”; fears of failure; overwhelmed feelings of inadequacies; conflicts with MD’s, colleagues, families, patients; abuse; struggles with alcohol or drugs; personal issues

  • A sounding board without judgement, anonymous conversations that guide one to finding solace and inner peace & renewed strength

  • Advocacy and support for self


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Film, TV, Transmedia

Building media and transmedia to support the Florence Nightingale Legacy and nurses today

  • Demonstrating the daily life of health care workers 

  • Featuring a collection of nurse stories from across the globe

  • Direct interviews, documentaries, documentary plays, film, and television

  • Honoring and celebrating nurses throughout the start of their career and beyond