Supporting Nurses 24/7

Talk to another nurse when you’re feeling stressed, anxious and burnout is making you cry, drink and yell at those you love most.  Our nurse coaches speak with you confidentially, no judgement just an ear that’s been there to help & guide you to better self care, decisions & peace of mind.  Call us for those exasperating times—you help others, let us help you!  

What is Nurse2nurse Hotline?

  • A place where a nurse can talk candidly about his/her day — losses; sadness; “what ifs”; fears of failure; overwhelming feelings of inadequacies; conflicts with MD’s, colleagues, families, patients; abuse; struggles with alcohol or drugs; personal issues -spouse, children, older parents….

  • A sounding board without judgment, anonymous conversations that guide one to finding solace and inner peace & renewed strength

  • Advocacy and support for self-care and wellbeing

  • A professional network of support providing nursing practice excellence and self-care to health care providers