The Nightingale 2030 Resilience Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with fiscal sponsorship from Partnerships For Change. The Nightingale 2030 Resilience Fund has been created to bring awareness to the impact that nurses make around the world in traditional and non-traditional roles.  A growing shortage of nurses is on the horizon and with the devastating toll of emotional stress from loss and daily unimaginable deaths from the current pandemic, it is critical to bring a variety of support services to encourage individuals to become nurses and offer help to those already working.


We anticipate consolidating and coordinating services for all nurses so they are no longer dependent on an employer but can sustain themselves through the opportunities within the Nightingale 2030 Resilience Fund.  We launched this Fund in recognition of the 200th anniversary year of Florence Nightingale’s birth, a transformative and legendary nurse that changed healthcare forever.


The Nightingale 2030 Resilience Fund is prioritizing obtaining collaborations, partnerships, and seeking donations to support nurses and provide the resources they need to succeed. 

Hospital Corridor

Meet Our Team:


Patricia Donohoe

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Nightingale 2030 Resilience Fund



Patricia Donohoe, is currently retired and the former Cofounder and  Chief Nursing Executive for AHS.  Throughout her nursing career she has held positions as a critical care nurse, nurse educator, director of nursing board review programs and leader in supplemental healthcare staffing. Her career has successfully combined nursing, education and business.  Prior to joining Accountable Healthcare Staffing, she was a cofounder of TBM Staffing and Medical Staffing Network.  At Medical Staffing Network (MSN) she served in various roles---Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Vice President.  Ms. Donohoe served on the Joint Commission Expert Advisory Panel responsible for establishing the Joint Commission Healthcare Staffing Services Organization Certification Program.  This program is now the “Gold Standard” for healthcare staffing companies in the industry.

Ms Donohoe received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Carlow College.  She has been a speaker numerous times at the Staffing Industry Analyst Healthcare Staffing Summits, a finalist for the Florida Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, past co-chair of the Healthcare Policy Group of the American Staffing Association,   a member of Sigma Theta Tau and recipient of the prestigious Carlow University Laureate Award.  This award reflects Ms. Donohoe’s service and commitment to the nursing profession and volunteerism in Africa and India as a nurse.  

Cynthia A. Phillips PhD

Co-Founder and Board Chair of Nightingale 2030 Resilience Fund

Cynthia A. Phillips is an economist/agricultural economist as well as a business consultant to for-profit and social enterprises with over 25 years of experience in the areas of risk management, strategic planning, marketing, branding, analytics, big data, business development, sustainability and global expansion. Former Director of International Marketing & Risk Management at American Express and consults with technology companies and start-ups such as Cisco Systems and Riverbed. She is the Chief Strategy and Branding Officer for Vessl, Inc. a disruptive packaging company.  She serves as a senior advisor to CEOs of disruptive companies like PlugnPlay Tech Center, Immunicom, BioLargo, Turnkey Group, and NimbusT. Phillips sits on several nonprofit boards such as Davis College | Akilah.  Phillips is a champion of the 17 UN SDGs and supports nonprofit organizations as well as companies of any scale to integrate the SDGs into their business planning, Business Intelligence, ESG and CSR.  She is the founder of GlobalShiftTV, The Disruptive Factory, and The Disruptive Factory Media & Creative Group.  A writer and producer, she has several projects in development including a feature on the life and legacy of Florence Nightingale and was an Executive Producer of A Plastic Ocean.


Project Advisors

Edward Martin

Edward Martin is the Chief ‘Omniwin’ Officer, Co-founder of the 5th Element Group and CEO of GoodXchange.com.  He has held key positions in top Fortune 500 organizations including: The Kellogg Company, Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Ford Motor Company and The Hershey Company.  He has been elected to a number of boards dealing with global peace and security initiatives, including the Peace Research Endowment Board, as well as been very active in helping to lead the Nobel Peace Forum in Oslo.  Mr. Martin has served as Executive in Residence at Georgetown University and has been an advisor to the Millennium Project and to the Ambassador from Uganda to the United States, and is on the board of top women’s leadership organizations such as Athena International and the Canales Project.  Mr. Martin has also served on many advisory boards and in advisory roles over the years including; Health Store Foundation, Malaria Foundation, Health People in the South Bronx, Harvard AIDS Prevention Project, Look To The Stars, Chamber of Commerce BCLC, and Co-chair of the ‘Parad e All American Volunteering Initiative’ at the White House. He was also an Advisor to the State Department and USAID on the ‘Global Diaspora Initiative’ and on the Executive Board of the Congressional Coalition For Adoption Institute—working with members of the Congress and Senate to shape policy to best fulfill the needs of children around the world for ‘forever families.’

Merry Fort

Merry Fort, RN, BS, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services has extensive experience in healthcare staffing having owned and operated her own nurse staffing business for 5 years prior to selling it to Medical Staffing Network in 1998.  She joined MSN’s management team and served in various roles as VP of the Eastern Division and Chief Nursing Officer prior to leaving the company in 2012.  In her current role with AHS, Ms. Fort monitors the oversight of compliance to AHS and Joint Commission standards of practice as a Healthcare Staffing Service Organization and addresses clinical issues and concerns as they arise.  She is the senior member of AHS’ nursing leadership team adding expertise and insight into the ongoing development of best practices for clinical performance.  Her interests include legal and ethical issues in nursing, the nursing workforce and nurse advocacy.  She has served in multiple positions in Georgia hospitals including Assistant Hospital Administrator, Director and Manager.


Ms. Fort is an active member of the American Organization of Nurse Leaders and serves as an advisor to the Board of the Georgia Organization of Nurse Leaders.  In 2015 she was appointed by the Governor of Georgia to serve on the Georgia Board of Nursing as a Nursing Administration representative.     

Deb Luster

Deb Luster has been in the natural product industry since 1990, loves launching new companies  and product lines and has established several companies including two publishing companies, a food packaging technology company, a food consultant company and two nationwide food companies--CAN DO KID, Inc. which created all-natural snacks and empowering products for kids and a pasta food company – Annie’s Homegrown Inc. Deb started Annie’s Homegrown Inc. in 1990 with the two primary founders and helped build the company from the ground up.  Deb served as President of Annie’s from 1991-1997 and served on the board of Annie’s as Vice Chairman until 1999 and was an owner until it was sold in 2002.


Ms. Luster co-founded Can Do Kid, Inc. focusing on children empowerment with a line of products including nutrition bars and books sold in every state and over 4,000 retail outlets. The two children’s book called I Can Do Anything! and I Am Happy Just The Way I Am! can still be found in book stores and on Amazon.   Luster co-founded Churchill Brands advising emerging provocative consumer product companies in all aspects from branding and marketing to retail and business strategy.  Over the past thirty years, Ms. Luster has served on the boards and advisory boards of over twenty companies mostly in the natural food space, as well as many non-profits, colleges and dozens of Executive boards in her community.  She has been featured over the years in numerous articles including Working Women, Inc., Enterprising Women Magazine, Forbes, Business Ethics Magazine, NewsWeek and Success magazine and has been on NBC, CBS and ABC News spots.

Joanna Elliott

For over 25 years, Joanna Elliott has partnered with socially-responsible corporate leaders, high net-worth individuals, organizations, and non-profit boards and executives to design and execute initiatives addressing critical social issues while expanding brand awareness and profitability. As a result, Ms. Elliott is an in-demand expert who creates innovative initiatives that strengthen clients’ bottom lines, making sure they do well while doing good. Her expertise helps clients recognize areas of need and connects them with socially-relevant sponsorship options and alliances to enhance brand awareness that creates win-win opportunities for both parties.


Ms. Elliott has helped organizations and individuals launch, grow, rebrand and/or transform their philanthropic foundations and organizations. Among her more recent high-profile projects: selected to review, analyze and recommend non-profit partnerships and philanthropic sponsorship opportunities in five key US markets for City National Bank, working with Creative Artists Agency as she served as Managing Director for The Lopez Family Foundation, creating and launching its partnership with the United Nations Foundation and establishing Jennifer as a Global Advocate for girls and women; partnering with Patricia Heaton to develop her role as a Celebrity ambassador for World Vision in conjunction with United Talent Agency and Sony Entertainment; collaborating with the members of Linkin Park to design a strategic assessment to update their Music for Relief non-profit foundation—which led to the development of a multi-million dollar philanthropic project in association with The Araca Group, CNN, iHeart Radio, Live Nation, State Farm and We Care Solar. As a corporate and entertainment advisor to many organizations, Ms. Elliott has designed and executed high-profile, impactful, and profitable corporate social responsibility (CSR) and cause-related marketing (CRM) initiatives for clients, including The Broad Stage, City National Bank/RBC, Linkin Park  and Lynda and Jennifer Lopez.

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, HWNC-BC

Barbara Dossey is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the holistic nursing and nurse coaching movements.  Her 54-year career has focused on the health and well-being of clients and patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. As a Florence Nightingale scholar, nurse theorist, and national and international speaker and teacher, her current mission is the role of integrative nurse coaching in the emerging integrative health care paradigm that has a global reach. She is Co-Director, International Nurse Coach Association (INCA), North Miami, Florida; International Co-Director and Board Member, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH), in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., Geneva, Switzerland and the Canadian National Capital Region in Gatineau, Quebec.

Deva-Marie Beck, PhD, RN

Deva-Marie Beck is a Canadian / American who has been working — for nearly three decades — on approaches to citizen advocacy for achieving global health and the UN's Global Goals — the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2000 to 2015 and now the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to 2030. With this focus, she is connected, around the world, with nurses and midwives as prime stakeholders to achieve these Global Goals related to healthcare delivery and health determinants. Since 2006, Dr. Beck has served as International Co-Director of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH) — based at NIGH World’s headquarters in Canada’s National Capitol Region and in Geneva, Switzerland.  In this role, she has traveled to 25 countries to lead in NIGH’s work on UN Briefings, group discussions, website development — feature articles, photo-journalism and videos [in 8 language versions] — related campaigns, journal articles, book chapters, books and keynote presentations, and, recently, to achieve NIGH World’s ‘Special Consultative Status’ granted by the United Nations Economic & Social Council (UN ECOSOC) in 2018.

Louise Selanders, EdD, RN, FAAN

Dr. Louise Selanders is an internationally-recognized, award-winning nurse historian who passionately believes that the history of nursing offers answers to current and future issues of nursing education, practice and research. She seeks to accurately identify Nightingale’s key contributions to nursing theory, leadership and to a philosophical development of the profession. She has co-authored the textbook Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action (2005)—awarded the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year in 2005—which details how the solutions that have been identified and implemented by Nightingale—in her time—can be effective in resolving current issues such as global health, managed care and the nursing shortage. Dr. Selanders has been a full professor at the College of Nursing at Michigan State University, where she was the Director of the Master's Program. She is an honored Fellow of the American Academy of Nurses and serves as NIGH’s focal point for nursing education.

Kathy Douglas, RN, MPH-HA

Kathy Douglas is a widely-recognized nurse leader, filmmaker and entrepreneur. She wrote and directed the documentary Nurses If Florence Could See Us Now—an intimate look into the world of nursing today. She also produced and directed The Song Within Sedona—an exploration of the wisdom of everyday women. She is co-founder of the production company Wise Women Circles with a focus on the creation of inspirational media and COO for the film distribution company Video Project, specializing in cause based documentary films. Serving on the executive team of several start-up companies to bring cutting-edge technology solutions to the healthcare industry, Ms. Douglas’ leadership spans over 20 years. Over the past decade, she has focused on workforce health and well-being—active in promoting self-care among caregivers.

Shawna Butler, RN, MBA  - Nurse Economist. Tech Enthusiast

As the EntrepreNURSE-in-Residence at Radboud University Medical Center (Netherlands) and part of the Exponential Medicine team at Singularity University, Shawna brings the clinical, practical, and human sensibilities of a nurse to work with early-stage ventures, large-scale enterprises, and emerging and converging technologies. She finds and activates the mavericks and projects with a serious chance of delivering better health, experience, and value.

Wayne Kines

Wayne Kines has explored and established many multi-media skills and used them for grassroots-to-global communication. He has served with eight Canadian news journals, as a public broadcaster, locally and nationally; developed global media campaigns for the United Nations, from New York, Nairobi and Geneva; interacted as an advisor to youth movements at home and abroad; initiated, as the publisher of 'Tribute'-a tabloid newspaper to inform the media about global concerns and causes, and designed and developed a village-based democratically-controlled cable television system shared by 30 rural communities on the Canadian prairies. He has also served as multi-media strategist at global levels for the UN Centre for Economic & Social Information (CESI) in New York and Geneva; as the Coordinator of the first-ever NGO participation in the United Nations Summit during the UN conference on the Human Environment (in Stockholm, 1972) and as founding Director of Communication for United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi. Mr. Kines is a Founding Director of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH) and continues in his oversight role for NIGH's mandate to increase public awareness and concern for global health issues. 

Stephen Smith

Stephen has more than three decades of experience leading multiple businesses to strong growth and profitability.  His success stems from driving exceptional customer loyalty through high-performing teams and a commitment to purpose-driven branding.


He has rebuilt troubled businesses and those struggling during economic downturns by prioritizing innovation, customer relationships and market expansion, always ensuring operational excellence and tightly managing the P&L within a reshaped financial footprint.  He is a hands-on leader, with equal loves for strategy and implementation and a strong belief that most problems can be solved through better communications and finding win-win solutions to advance his organization’s position in the market.


Stephen’s breadth of business experience is a powerful asset.  He has excelled in positions in sales, sales training, marketing, business development, product management, operations management, channel and technology partnership development, and strategic planning.  He has led multiple cross-business-unit ventures, including company-wide innovation initiatives, global enterprise-wide sales reorganizations, multiple cross-business-unit product development launches with combined branding initiatives.  He has general management experience in multiple start-ups, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, and international expansions.

Marie Studer, PhD

Marie Studer is a Partner and Relationships Manager at The Disruptive Factory and Science & Society lead for The Disruptive Factory / Media & Creative Group, championing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for our work with partners. She engages people with scientific and sustainability endeavors and helps mission-oriented organizations run professionally and smoothly. She is a scientist with a passion for connecting people with meaningful and creative explorations of the world that are relevant to them and our future. Her career has focused on public accessibility and understanding of science through government and public policy positions, to scientific and education leadership for international citizen science projects, to engaging formal and informal educators and youth in biodiversity learning using hands-on and online resources and tools. She is especially interested in creating awareness and action around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mark Sadovnick

Mark Sadovnick is the Chief Human Element Officer at the 5th Element Group. Quoting Maya Angelou often," people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel", Mark has built a reputation over 30 years for trust, commitment and ability to make a difference with management, the individual candidates and their families, all human beings. By engaging with Leaders Who Care™, everyone has the opportunity to then also remember the important things said and the experiences past and future. Recognized by Business Week as one of 150 most influential headhunters in the world, Mark gained business and international awareness and relationships, from his experiences with Deloitte, Jaycees International,  and two search firms, boutique and global. Mark was the only executive search consultant invited to the United Nations to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 and be a Founding Signatory to the “Decade of Women”.

Elissa Fisher Harris

Elissa Fisher Harris is Chief Impact Officer (CIO) and partner for 5th Element Group and is a seasoned Well-Being and Social Impact Strategist in the Health, Wellness, Natural, Sustainability and Gender Equality arenas. Elissa has worked in many areas of business from branding, marketing, communication, sales management and business development, always creating strategies that would lift both revenue goals and social impact goals at the same time. Elissa has owned her own consulting business for 29 years and also holds dual certifications in Corporate and Individual Wellness Coaching, which she utilized to create well-being strategies internally for companies and also individuals. She also worked as an integrative health coach for 10 of those years, advocating and educating cancer patients and their families about integrative care and healthy living while fighting cancer.  For 2 years Elissa served as the interim CMO, then VP of communications for CellHealthInstitute, an advanced stem cell technology company that had both high-level stem cell research projects and consumer-based health products designed to support healthy cell production. Elissa also acts as a corporate wellness advisor to a few corporations such as Caligenix™, a genetic-based health and wellness lifestyle company. She is on the core advisory board of 100% Human at Work, a global workplace initiative founded by Richard Branson and partnered with Virgin Unite and the B-Team.